TP: DtD® Training Program PowerPoint Slides/DVD

Provides a set of color PowerPoint Slides (for your computer/laptop) to use with your diabetic clients, book clubs, support groups, and other groups for health coaching, training sessions, webinars, online training, lectures, presentations, classes, workshops, book discussions, etc. Size: 20-400 slides

The PowerPoint Slides will contain built-in animation with the author speaking in the background about each slide. This will give you the insight from an ex-diabetic so that you can learn about diabetes and nutrition; and, how to help your diabetic clients. These slides will also give you credibilty with your clients and audiences, enabling you to grow your business.

Note: These slides are primarily for healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, wellness consultants, sales people, other business people, and diabetes educators. Contact us to customize your request (e.g. graphics, slides, workbook, etc.) and obtain cost estimate.

Note: Depending on the number of slides purchased, you will receive a 30-minute to 2-hour online training session (to discuss and review the contents of the slides with the author, so that you understand how to use the slides for your purpose).

Note: These slides will be availablle in file format and/or on DVD, depending on the size of your purchase.

Note: Unless you only want a handful of slides, it is less expensive to obtain the slides via one of the training program kits.

Note: If you want a printed copy of the PowerPoint slides, contact our office to obtain an estimate for the cost. We can provide the copies as loose color copies or as part of a coil-bound document.

TP: DtD® Training Program PowerPoint Slides/DVD
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