PDF: Cure Diabetes Ebook -- The 6 Stages & The 10 Steps - RV

This 420-page larger version of the diabetes ebook (PDF) provides the information from the Death to Diabetes book, plus additional information "beyond the book" to help reverse, defeat, and possibly cure your Type 2 diabetes with a diet designed for diabetics. This ebook is available in printed form on easier-to-read 81/2x11 pages with a larger text size than the 6"x9" paperback book.

The 90-page smaller version of this ebook (PDF) provides an overview of the key areas that Type 2 diabetics need to address to properly manage and control their diabetes.

This ebook will help you learn how to lower your blood glucose without drugs, using the 5 super foods; avoiding the 5 "dead" foods/chemicals; and, how to use your blood glucose test results to reduce your insulin resistance; and, prevent the diabetic complications that damage the eyes, kidneys, nerves, and heart.

The information in this ebook will help to stabilize your blood glucose/insulin levels, and enable you to control, beat and reverse your Type 2 diabetes. The key areas of focus include nutrition (the 5 super foods, the 5 "dead" foods, the Super Meal Model), nutritional supplementation, exercise, blood glucose testing/analysis, cleansing/detoxification, emotional/spiritual health, support, stress reduction, wellness planning, doctor appointments and critical blood tests. This ebook also defines the key super foods and nutritional supplements to help nourish, cleanse, protect and balance a diabetic's body. It also defines the specific foods needed to initiate the body's repair process.

This 420-page expanded version of this ebook is a more detailed, comprehensive document, which contains the above information, plus more detail in the areas of superior nutrition, glucose testing, stress reduction, and planning. This version also contains the following 11 additional sections:"

1. The 6-Stage Diabetes Wellness Model

2. The Health Benefits of Bright-Colored Foods

3. Grocery Shopping and Food Tips

4. How to Fight Food Cravings

5. Dining Out Guidelines

6. Recipes (70) of super meals, snacks, smoothies, desserts, etc.

7. Recipes (8) for juicing

8. Blood Glucose Testing and How to Use the Calculations to Reverse Your Diabetes

9. Descriptions of the Diabetic Complications for the eyes, kidneys, nerves (including gastroparesis), brain, and cardiovascular system, plus the root causes of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high inflammation.

10. Diabetic Wellness Protocols with specific steps, procedures and identification of the specific foods and nutritional supplements needed to maintain the health of the eyes, kidneys, nerves, brain, and cardiovascular system, plus how to lower high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high inflammation without the need for any drugs/medications; and, how to treat gastroparesis naturally without drugs.

11. Alternative Healthier Foods (Chart)

Note: You will receive a free wellness guide of your choice with this larger expanded version of this ebook.

If you are diabetic, and your goal is to beat and reverse your disease then, we strongly recommend that you get this full-blown 420-page expanded version of the ebook; or, get the paperback book. The 90-page version is primarily for people who want a summarized version of the original book.

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PDF: Cure Diabetes Ebook -- The 6 Stages & The 10 Steps - RV
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