MP3: Death to Diabetes "Audio Book" - MP3 Downloads

Consists of 30+ MP3 audio files of the author discussing each chapter of his Death to Diabetes book. Key topics (from the book) include diabetes pathology, nutrition, the 5 super foods, the 5 dead foods, meal planning, supplementation, exercise, detox, blood glucose testing, doctor exams, emotional health, and wellness planning.

Duration: 12+ hours

Size: 30+ MP3 audio download files

Note: The author recommends that you get the book along with these MP3 files if your goal is to reverse your diabetes.

Note: You will be able to download the first MP3 file immediately after your order is invoiced. We will send you an email with the download links for the remaining MP3 files for you to download to your computer.

MP3: Death to Diabetes "Audio Book" -  MP3 Downloads
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